Future rust, Future dust (2016 - )

This long-term documentary project across several countries around the world aims to analyze the urban and architectural impact of the last world financial crisis and the burst of the real estate bubble, through a "concrete tsunami" exploration of ghost cities, aborted tourism projects, or unused infrastructures which are the result of this economic crisis, corrupt elected officials, megalomaniac investors and dreams of homeownership.

In a documentation process of showing the persistance of abandonment and incompleteness many years after the crisis, the visual approach combines aesthetism and graphism, while retaining these unfinished constructions in their surroundings space. The search of droop breaks the temporality by strengthening the effect of unreal and inhuman scenes. And everywhere, vegetation digs the concrete, slowly returning back at its place.

Explored: Spain, Taïwan, Portugal
Next step: Morocco, United Arab Emirats, Italy, Greece, Egypt, China…

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